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Review: Captain Marvel (2019)

Official Synopsis:

Captain Marvel is an extraterrestrial Kree warrior who finds herself caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between her people and the Skrulls. Living on Earth in 1995, she keeps having recurring memories of another life as U.S. Air Force pilot Carol Danvers. With help from Nick Fury, Captain Marvel tries to uncover the secrets of her past while harnessing her special superpowers to end the war with the evil Skrulls.

For a superhero origin story, I think Captain Marvel has been one of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s more successful attempts at it. It fleshes out Captain Marvel's origins as well as sheds some light on Nick Fury’s early history in the budding S.H.I.E.L.D. agency. The audience is also introduced to the alien species known as the Skrull, a species of shapeshifters at war with the Kree. As the mystery begins to unravel about Captain Marvel’s past, you're taken on an entertaining and rewarding journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Seeing a young Nick Fury and young Agent Coulson will also be a joy for MCU fans. The visual effects used to de-age them is some of the best I've seen and after a couple moments of awe I really just accepted it. The female empowerment scenes are somewhat over-the-top almost to the point of being cheesy at times but I still enjoyed it. One of the reasons why Captain Marvel works well is because of her best friend's family, Maria and Monica Rambeau. The mother and daughter pair really give Captain Marvel a much needed level of warmth and humanity that audiences can identify with. It will also be really exciting to see if Maria and Monica Rambeau make future appearances within the MCU as well. Given Captain Marvel's omnipotence and more cosmic origins, I hope this movie marks the introduction of more cosmic characters hopefully from Jack Kirby's Fourth World but only time will tell. For now though, I am a fan and looking forward to more Captain Marvel in the future.

Our Rating:

Danny: 8/10

Swin: 8/10 - Good superhero origin story and welcome addition to the MCU.

Directed by: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck

Starring: Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Djimon Hounsou, Lee Pace, Lashana Lynch, Gemma Chan, Annette Bening, Clark Gregg, Jude Law

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and brief suggestive language

Runtime: 123 min


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