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Review: Emily in Paris - Season 1 (2020)

Official Synopsis:

Chicago marketing executive Emily Cooper is hired to provide an American perspective at a marketing firm in Paris.

Emily in Paris is a show about a naive young woman being thrown into an unfamiliar setting. With Darren Star as the creator, this show reminded me a lot of Sex and the City. It focuses a lot on her romantic adventures as she struggles to fit into her new environment. It romanticizes life in Paris while gently reinforcing every single French stereotype. Its a very superficial romantic-comedy but it does offer some decent entertainment value if you just want to let your mind go blank for a bit. Most of the show's appeal relies on the charm of Lily Collins as the lead actress, but her character Emily never really grows or develops much. In a way, it feels like she's Alice stuck in Wonderland but with more models and sex.

One of my harsher criticisms for the show was the casting of Korean actress Ashley Park as Mindy Chen, a nanny from a wealthy Chinese family. Even though her acting was fine, her Chinese language skills were absolutely atrocious. Most English audiences probably won't notice it but I really think they could have avoided some truly cringe-worthy moments by just making her Korean in the show and speaking Korean instead or maybe just not speaking Chinese at all. It was really bad and completely avoidable without affecting the rest of the show. But this show really isn't about representing any cultures accurately, its just here to give you romanticized fantasy world. If you think life is all about being fun, young, and sexy then this show is right up your alley but don't expect much more beyond that.

Our Rating:

Swin: 6/10 - Fun and light entertainment full of Sex and the City vibes but do not expect much more.

Created by: Darren Star

Starring: Lily Collins, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Bruno Gouery, Camille Razat

Number of Seasons: 1

Number of Episodes: 10


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