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Review: James May: Oh Cook! - Season 1 (2020)

Official Synopsis:

James May provides a unique perspective on kitchen creations for those who don't know how to cook.

As a long time fan of Top Gear and James May television programs and appearances, I was elated when this series came out. In this Amazon Original series, James May stars for the first time in his very own cooking show! With the help of his sidekick home economist (Nikki Morgan), James presents and cooks for us a couple of recipes. It was really refreshing to see a cooking show with the home economist on camera and interacting with the host for a change. James May even laughs and jokes around with the people behind the camera as well so it feels like you're just another person hanging out in the kitchen with them. James May even shows us how to make his famous fish pie that earned him an epic win against Gordan Ramsay on the F Word. The best thing about this series though is that James May does everything in his own unique style. It is honest and filled with May's lovable quirkiness. Its unlike any other cookery show I have ever watched and I really hope they make another season.

Our Rating:

Swin: 9/10 - Left me hungry for more!

Directed by: Will Daws, Tom Whitter

Starring: James May, Nikki Morgan


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